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Supportive Companies

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following companieswho have offered their continuous support to the Israel Guide Dog Center:

HP Indigo

HP Indigo is a leading international company that provides imaging and printing solutions through itsdivisions of HP and IPG. The company operates in more than 170 countries.
HP Indigo has supported the center for many years by printing publicity material, catering, and other services. Thank you for your help!

Lidorr Elements Ltd.

Lidorr Elements Ltd. of the Lidorr Group is a marketing representative and agent for leading international concerns. The Lidorr’s sales and marketing staff distribute a large variety of raw materials, finished products, and technologies that are used in a wide variety of applications in industry and the consumer market.
The Lidorr Company supplies the Center with products for our dog’s health and hygiene including pest control products and medicines. We and our dogs extend our heartfelt thanks to the Lidorr Company!

Giraffe Visual Communication

Giraffe Visual Communication is a branding company that provides a wide variety of branding and design solutions. Giraffe develops and designs effective branding and logos for companies and products for the national and global markets. Giraffe enables clients to benefit from overall branding solutions that combine branding strategy using modern creative methods to assimilate the brand within all types of marketing and intra-organizational communications.
Giraffe developed the Center’s new logo and assimilated it in all of our marketing products – ensuring a uniform and unique logo and branding identity.

Thank you for your professionalism, creativity, and warm friendship!


Purina is the leading company in the world that manufactures pet food with more than 75 years of knowledge and experience.

“Pets are our passion. They share the difficult and wonderful moments in our lives.  They are our love.  For the past 75 years we at Purina have dedicated all our energy to ensure your pet’s health and care, and our primary concern is optimal nutrition for our best friends.”

Our guide dogs also benefit from Purina’s efforts and have enjoyed optimal nutrition for many years!  Thank you!


The Electra Company has been a leader in air conditioning in Israel for the past 75 years.  The company is obligated to bring Israeli consumers high – quality products using the latest technology with modern design that are energy-saving and ecological.  The Electra Company also markets and distributes household electrical appliances.

Electra has generously provided the Center with electrical appliances for many years.  Thank you for your support!


Tuttnauer is the largest company in Israel and in the world that markets autoclaves and sterilizers for hospitals, laboratories, private clinics, and industry.  The company also markets detergents, ultrasonic baths, soldering machines, drying ovens, incubators, magnifying loops for operating rooms, water distillers, and other auxiliary equipment.

The Tuttnauer Company has helped us by providing financial assistance for various expenditures and has shown continuous interest and support.  Thank you!

El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines is Israel’s national airline and the largest airline in Israel.

El Al has 77 international sales offices and agencies and is known for its Israeli hospitality throughout the world.   El Al has been rated as one of the top airlines by the IATA.

El Al has adapted our vehicles for transporting dogs and has flown many of our dogs and puppies from abroad.  Thank you for your help!

Israel Services for the Blind

The Service for the Blind is a government organization that belongs to the rehabilitation department of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare. The organization is responsible for implementing government policies regarding blind and visually impaired persons in Israel. The Service for the Blind is responsible for controlling and supervising the organization’s activities. The organization supports guide dog handlers by providing a monthly stipend to cover the cost of feeding and maintaining a guide dog. It also provides financial assistance to our organization that constitutes about 4% of the Center’s expenditures.

The Center for the Blind in Israel

The Center for the Blind in Israel is an umbrella organization for all other organizations for blind and visually impaired people in Israel, and is the main organization for representing the needs of blind and visually impaired Israelis.  The Center for the Blind is responsible for dealing with the government and state authorities and works to increase public awareness of the special needs of the blind and visually impaired population.


ELIYA, the Organization for Blind Children in Israel was established in 1982 and is the leading organization in Israel for blind and visually impaired children and their families.  ELIYA sponsors unique programs for blind and visually impaired children and their parents throughout Israel.

The organization has the following objectives:

  • Preparing blind or visually impaired children for integration into the mainstream educational system and society
  • Offering professional solutions for blind and visually impaired children with complex developmental difficulties for integrating them into a suitable educational framework according to their needs and abilities
  • Strengthening and supporting families

Volunteers from the Israel Guide Dog Center bring guide dogs and puppies to ELIYA kindergartens to expose young children to dogs and enable them to cultivate positive relationships with dogs.  This positive experience is designed to encourage children and their families to adopt a dog for special needs and to consider a guide dog as a solution to mobility when the child becomes older.

Ofek L'Yeladeinu (Horizons for Our Children)

Ofek L’Yeladeinu is the organization for the 4,000 blind or visually impaired children in Israel.  The organization consists of more than 1,000 families throughout the country and has united them into a caring and active group.  The organization encourages contact between families and offers them feelings of belonging and strength.    Ofek L’Yeladeinu works to protect the children’s rights and offers up-to-date information to their families.

The Israel Guide Dog Center is in close contact with Ofek L’Yeladeinu and cooperates closely with families.  The Center conducts an annual event for blind and visually impaired children and teens and cooperates with the organization in many other areas.

Migdalor (Lighthouse)

Migdalor is the organization that is responsible for rehabilitation of blind and visually impaired persons in Israel. The organization operates a department for rehabilitation and Advising and provides rehabilitation instructors to blind and visually impaired people throughout the country. These teachers offer instruction to blind or visually impaired persons in their homes and provide help with mobility and function in daily living. The Israel Guide Dog Center provides instruction for rehabilitation teachers in orientation and mobility with a guide dog. These teachers continue to instruct guide dog handlers in their homes alongside instructors from the Center.